Olivier Gerbault

Dr Olivier Gerbault is qualified to the Board of the Association of Physicians in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. He entered on the roll of the order of the Val de Marne.


Facial rejuvenation surgery, including endoscopic surgery that minimizes scarring and surgical suites.
Rhinoplasty and secondary rhinoplasty rhinoplasty primary, aesthetic and functional
Breast surgery, including primary and secondary breast augmentation.
Professor of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
Former intern of the hospitals in Paris and former Head of Clinic Assistant at Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris).

Member of:

The French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE)
The French Society of Aesthetic Surgeons and Plastics (SOFCEP);
The Rhinoplasty Society Rhinoplasty Society;
The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe;
The International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
The American Society of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Dr Gerbault is the scientific secretary of the annual conference of the IMCAS. He participated in the development program of a major European conference in cosmetic surgery and is in regular contact with many plastic surgeons among the best known worldwide.
He is regularly invited to give lectures at national and international conferences, including its areas of excellence that are the primary and secondary rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and correction of complications.

These regular meetings allow Dr Gerbault to stay at the forefront of the evolution of concepts and techniques in cosmetic surgery.